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We don’t only supply fresh bread to our customers, but also frozen, part-baked bread and baked goods. An ideal way of making sure that you won’t be left high and dry if the fresh bread runs out at home!
Be it bread rolls, mini baguettes, party pastries, lye bread etc., our bakery offers a large variety of fresh baked goods, for you to conjure up, oven-fresh, on the table at home in next to no time.

This is how:
If you are in a rush, take the rolls out of the deep freeze, pre-heat the oven to 200 ºC, then simply put them into the hot oven, bake for a few minutes and... enjoy!

Products - dough form

Nr. Products Nr. Products
3117 Brezel bavarese
3132 Filoncino bavarese - panino tipo "00"
3120 Panino Laugen 3207 Strudel di mele

Products - part-baked

Nr. Products Nr. Products
4004 Baguette francese 4110 Panini "jour"
4015 Baguette integrale 4128 Panino con soia
4198 Puccia pusterese alla segala con comino 4150 Segalino Venosta
4054 Filone nero piccolo
4159 Panino Kornspitz
4056 Pane con 6 cereali
4161 Panino con semi di zucca
4057 Pane con semi di lino
4162 Panino con semi di girasole
4059 Pane con semi di girasole 4163 Panino con semi di lino
4068 Pane alla segala con noci
4164 Panino multicereale
4105 Panino al grano tenero tipo "00"
4259 Panino kornspitz mini
4107 Rosetta mini 4152 Pana alla segala con cumino


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